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Travel + Advocacy

Dream + Go Advocacy Platform™ is an innovative commercial solution for tourism destinations & hospitality brands to meaningfully engage and drive traveler adoption.   We foster a global ecosystem of the most influential travel communities connecting modern travelers to iconic destinations, hotels & resorts, and experiences.  D+G architects powerful advocacy playbooks, builds & manages social communities, and creates & deploys epic content across them to millions.  United by our Manifesto to support inclusive, sustainable travel, our team is consistently recognized by the industry as leading pioneers in delivering the most successful initiatives & campaigns in travel.



Innovators + Legacy Builders

A collective of the world’s most recognized & award winning travel experts, creators, social influencers, and brand architects united to make a global impact for the epic people, brands, and destinations we represent.


Tony Colantonio
Founding Partner

Tony is a recognized innovator in the travel & hospitality industry serving some of the most prolific hotels & resorts, travel brands, and destinations globally. He has architected, and led some of the most successful digital content initiatives with groundbreaking results that have recently led to numerous industry awards such as the HSMAI Gold, The American Advertising Association Addy Awards, and The Telly Awards, in addition to previously unforeseen commercial results for partners & clientele.

Tony founded Dream + Go in recognition of an endemic need to engage travelers differently through authentic, yet relevant storytelling, and a social first style of content aligned to modern audiences.  As a result, Dream + Go is now taking center stage with a team including some of the world’s most recognized travel content creators, strategists, and visionaries. Bolstered by one of the most influential global travel content communities on social media with a global network of the largest and most followed travel influencers, Tony has set a course for Dream + Go to set new industry standards with a modern studio + formidable distribution network relevantly aligned to engage digital-native audiences seeking extraordinary life experiences.

The success model for Dream + Go has been shaped by over two decades of a progressive approach to thinking differently about storytelling in digital ecosystems by aligning to relevant travel experiences and consumer sentiment.  The vision stems from successes at a Fortune 100 company leading a corporate social responsibility function where return was measured by both bottom line and a greater good.  With the collective visibility into the extraordinary results of aligning social mission + high impact commercial initiatives, combined with countless successes architecting strategies & activations for leading hospitality & travel brands and destinations alike, Tony has taken this collective set of experiences, best practices, and innovative approach to champion a bold new vision for the future of travel.

Christine Da Silva

A global marketing, communications and culture executive recognized not only for driving growth, sales and awareness but for putting people first, Chris has spent over 25 years developing integrated strategies and leading high-performing teams for a variety of businesses including well-known hospitality and travel organizations.

Her passion for people and brands that strive to be great led her to Tony. His progressive vision for Dream Then Go hit the mark, aligning perfectly with Chris’s vision for the future of business. And, as they say, the rest is history.

In addition to being a Partner at Dream + Go, Chris currently supports a number of businesses as a fractional C-Level executive including AKAM where she is Chief Marketing and Culture Officer and Huna Totem where she is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

Previously, Chris was SVP of Branding and Communications at Norwegian Cruise Line, VP of Marketing Communications at Wyndham Hotel Group and VP of Communications at Dream Hotel Group. She also founded Poplar Plum, a strategic Brand and Communications Consultancy, where she helped businesses, brands and individuals connect with audiences in a genuine and meaningful way.

Chris is the recipient of numerous accolades including Iris, Ragan and Adrian Awards for the successful launch of brands, game-changing initiatives, innovative campaigns, outstanding story placements, memorable experiences and engaging employee relations efforts.

Dan Fox

As a travel industry brand builder with 30 years in ownership and executive leadership roles, Dan Fox has worked closely with some of the world’s most renowned hotels, resorts, wineries, and destinations.  Recognized for his ability to identify, create, manage, and execute unique partnerships and opportunities at all levels of the hospitality and travel industry, his experience includes everything from successfully conceptualizing, managing and executing sales, PR and marketing strategies through his vast network.  This includes brand positioning, traditional and digital media innovation and publishing, on through to managing and overseeing operations.

In his various C-level positions,  he has overseen and implemented nearly all aspects of the businesses for which he was responsible. From day-to-day management and business development, to partner and investor relations, to global expansion of the brands across all sectors of the hospitality industry.

Fox has been an industry consultant for the past four years.  Prior to that,  Dan was most recently Managing Partner of Touring & Tasting Marketing and Media (also a co-founder in 1997) which published Touring & Tasting magazine, TouringandTasting.com, The Online Grapevine, and other traditional and new media products,  as well as an innovative wine club.

Dan has also been a frequent “guest host expert” for Travel Channel’s ongoing television series “The World’s Best” and for its radio show of the same name, he was also a leading member of the Luxury Marketing Council and served on the Board of Advisors for the Wine Tourism Conference.  He lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife Ashley and a myriad of pets.  His two daughters (Olivia and Savannah) have graduated college and are living and working in the greater Los Angeles area.

Eric Damier

Eric is one of the world’s most influential people in travel & hospitality.  As a recent recipient of the exclusive World Travel Awards, the travel industry’s most prestigious awards program, Eric is widely regarded as brilliant innovator, brand architect, & builder.  Eric has conceptualized and created what is widely regarded as the largest travel content feed on social media, as measured by monthly reach.  @Earthpix, his most widely distributed travel community reaches over 400 million people each month. Eric has worked with hundreds of the world’s top hotel brands, and destinations leading their successes with innovative digital marketing strategies, and activations on social media.  Through Eric’s leadership, he and his team’s efforts have consistently generated millions of dollars in hotel & travel bookings for partners and clients.

Eric is also a global champion for sustainable travel and preserving people’s culture.  In an ongoing effort to supports local people, Eric uses his global platform to help small communities rebuild, regenerate, and sustain their beautiful ways of life.

Eric has recently launched RoamTo, a global travel member community which stands at the vanguard of a transformative shift in the travel industry by making exploration attainable for all. As the fastest-growing travel subscription company, RoamTo is setting a new industry standard for its members, providing access to the most achievable rates & experiences for millions of hotels partners worldwide.  Consistent with Eric’s vision, the RoamTo ethos supports access to travel for all.

Mike Colantonio

­­With nearly two decades of experience in film production, Mike is now a multi-award winning travel cinematographer.  Stemming from an extensive background in the Hollywood movie industry, and then many years producing content for leading hotels & resorts and travel destinations.  With a passion for leveraging modern technologies to transform creative initiatives, his top priority is developing industry standards and best practices in high end brand cinematography and storytelling.  Over the past decade, Mike served as a traveling cinematographer focused on producing and shooting lifestyle brand story videos for hotels, resorts and tourism bureaus leading to numerous industry awards such as the HSMAI Gold, The American Advertising Association Addy Awards, and The Telly Awards.

Previously, Mike spent over a deca­­­­de in Hollywood producing film and television for numerous major studios and production firms alike including major motion pictures, advertising agency creative, and celebrity music videos.  His Professional work portfolio includes video production, project management and creative direction. Notable work includes feature films, television commercials, music industry production, and creative work for MGM, Fox Films, NBC Universal, New Line Cinema, and numerous top tier Production Companies and studios.

Bridget Tran

On a path to a career in medicine, Bridget changed direction to follow her true passions: Hospitality and Digital Marketing.

An marketing leader with deep expertise in digital transformation, integrated revenue optimization, business scaling and transformation, guest and purchase psychology, luxury markets and hotels and resorts, she frequently serves as a keynote speaker and lectures at Cornell University, New York University and Emerson College.

Bridget has served as a Marketing and Digital Executive at Mandarin Oriental, IHG Hotels, Dream Hotel Group, Taj Hotels and Nobu Hotels and Restaurants. She also co-founded Kiwi Collection, a curated collection of the world’s best hotels and resorts.

Bridget is a board member on the International Luxury Hotel Association as well as a strategic advisor to Leia Inc., Acquis Consulting and STIC Consulting. She also serves as fractional CMO for Tripkicks.

She received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Pennsylvania and studied at Harvard Medical School.  Bridget also recently received a Digital Transformation certification from MIT.

Fred Mahhs Jr

Fred has spent more than 30 years as a corporate executive working for Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 companies while traveling the world and building his expertise and reputation as an internationally recognized keynote speaker, disability advocate, and accessibility travel and tourism expert.  He works with international governments and Ministries of Tourism, including the Caribbean, Dubai, Jordan, Portugal, the UK, Israel, and the United States, businesses, airports and airlines, plus hotels and travel destinations across the globe to refine accessible travel, provide accessibility, diversity and inclusion training, and define market potential and strategies to attract more people to global destinations.

Most recently, Fred joined friend and former Comcast NBCUniversal colleague, Tony Colantonio, as a Partner and together they are Co-Founders of Journeyable.  This global community platform is a content storytelling website which features an original accessible travel series hosted by Fred, in addition to content from some of the world’s most-recognized accessible travel writers, celebrities, and renowned experts on topics ranging from mental health and wellness, to stories of empowerment, as well as some of most impactful organizations around the globe.

Fred is a regular speaker about his journey, as well as accessibility issues and solutions, on stages around the world, including Dubai, Israel, Nepal, Africa, Guyana, Hong Kong, the Americas, the Caribbean, the UK, and Australia. And, he is expanding his portfolio to address disability, inclusion, and accessibility solutions in Asia and Europe.

Matias De Rada

Matias De Rada is an internationally renowned travel cinematographer known for his signature social first style of content that tells epic brand & destination stories that inspire people around the world.  Currently living in Medellín Colombia, Matias has traveled to 40+ countries documenting the way of life from people of all places. From luxury resorts, to the streets where the culture of the destination feels most alive, Matias has learned to appreciate not only the scenic beauty of a destination, though above all else looks forward to connecting authentically with people through experiences, programming, arts, music, fitness, and dance – universal tools that break down barriers and empower genuine connection with people. From extensive global travels, Matias shows us that travel is a force for good, and uses his voice to promote healthy and active travel experiences that encourage meaningful connection with locals.

With a deep appreciation and gratitude for the people, places, and culture that have opened his eyes to a world he never previously imagined, Matias is now using his collective experiences to give back to other aspiring cinematographers around the world.  Matias has launched a new school to show others how to capture world class cinematography, and tell epic brand & destination stories.  His La Nueva Escuela: The Ultimate Filmmaking Masterclass will change the lives of so many, enabling a life of travel, discovery, and inspiration.

Cory S Martin

Cory is an Emmy® winning cinematographer, director, and storyteller based in Los Angeles.  He is one of the most recognized travel cinematographers around the world.  His passion for capturing the world’s diverse cultures and people has taken him to over 60 countries where he has documented everything from luxurious resorts to the everyday life of communities on the streets. Through his extensive travel experiences, Cory has been humbled to gain valuable perspectives from people and cultures that he now shares with the world.

Cory a firm believer that stories are a fundamental part of our understanding of ourselves and the world, and has made it his life’s work to craft and share compelling narratives. He consistency inspires audiences to realize new perspectives and cultures while challenging common notions and misconceptions through creative storytelling.

As an epic storyteller, Cory is honored to tell your story and share it with the world.

Aude Poglar

Aude is a global brand and hospitality artisan, and expert.  She is a strategic and creative brand architect based in Paris, working worldwide to define and shape one of a kind luxury and hospitality brands, from vision and value proposition, to creative expression, to customer experience.

Stemming her extensive experiences in luxury marketing and brand strategy, Aude has worked with many French and international companies to build and develop their brand, from their strategic positioning to their visual identity and communication.  Aude’s Ethos is to craft memorable and consistent brands to strengthen relationships with customers and drive growth.

Recent work has included Banyan Tree Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Raflles Hotels.

Kim Lincon

Kim is a design innovator who has conceptualized and created visual identities, brand standards for leading national & international organizations.  She leads a multi-dimensional, women-operated design studio.  Her team of pathfinders and progressive design thinkers all supports a mission to deliver clarity, direction and distinctive design for brands who want to stand out and step it up.  Kim and her team guide brands to reimagine and redefine industries while leading consumers to imaginative experiences.